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Real Estate

If you are searching for the best Real Estate services in Mykonos, Villas Mykonos Rent has access to some of the most elite properties. Don’ t miss the opportunity to buy the villa of your dreams at the best price range possible. Official Partnership: Billionaire Club Mykonos Mykonos Services


Luxury Concierge

Luxury Concierge Mykonos For all our villas rentals, there is the option of providing luxury concierge services, such as: Stuff – Butler Private Chefs – Catering – Weddings Personal Trainer Private DJ Services Bodyguards Private Transfer Private Jets – Charter Flights Yachting Services – Rentals Personal Shopper – Event Planning Jewellery You can trust our … Continue reading “Luxury Concierge”


Private Transfer

Private Transfer in Mykonos Either you are by yourself or with a group of friends, we can provide the appropriate transport solution for your individual needs. We have a big variety of cars and vans, ready to cater for you, 24/7. All our cars and vans (private transfer Mykonos) maintain all safety protocols, they are … Continue reading “Private Transfer”


Private Jets

Private Jets Mykonos – Charter Flights Villas Mykonos Rent doesn’t only provide the best accommodation on the island, but also many different other services, one of them is charter flights – private jets (and yachts). Our aircraft fleet is available by request (pre-booking). All aircrafts are perfectly maintained and have all the safety requirements, so … Continue reading “Private Jets”


Rent a Yacht

Capture the opportunity to enjoy our yachts. An experienced captain of our Concierge will take you to open waters to watch Mykonos or go to other islands nearby.



You don’t want to destroy your vacations by becoming a victim of such persons. So, we provide experienced and well trained bodyguards to protect you. First, you can choose whether they protect you full time or only during your walks in the island.


Car rental

We offer a great variety of luxurious cars right available to transfer you in places, for rent car Mykonos. The island of the winds is waiting for you to discover any place with a car rented by us. Rent a car by calling us or by sending an email and have your car delivered wherever you want. The most appropriate car for your trip can wait for you at the airport. When you arrive, you can get your car and go places with comfort.


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